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Running and Me

I love to run. Not miles, not fast but just for fun, to be outdoors and to move. I occasionally will run a race but mainly I run purely for my own enjoyment. For me to enjoy running I want to run well.

Before The Alexander Technique I believed that I couldn't run, that I wasn't a runner and running just wasn't for me and my body. That was partly true as the amount of effort I was putting into running was exhausting. At the time I was pretty fit, I was dancing 4 times a week, going on long cycle rides or walks at the weekends, practicing yoga a couple of times a week, so it wasn't my level of fitness that was getting in the way, it was the way that I was running; my running form, technique and even my beliefs.

The Alexander Technique taught me that I could change the way I moved, become more free and less tense in my whole body, and free in my beliefs as well. I realised that perhaps I could be a runner and when I tried running again I could run and I could run well.

Since qualifying as an Alexander Technique teacher I have also trained with Malcolm Balk founder of The Art of Running and author of Master the Art of Running and Keith Bateman, running coach and author of Older Yet Faster.