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About me

I love the Alexander Technique and find teaching The Technique really rewarding. I love seeing people change and find out new things about themselves.

I am a trained dancer, graduating from Roehampton Institute and have loved to dance from a young age. I first stumbled across the Alexander Technique during my dance training where I read a book by F.M. Alexander which I found incredibly inspiring.

A number of years later I went along to an evening workshop of the Alexander Technique and was amazed by the results the teacher had with the people he worked with.

They seemed to become lighter, happier and more at ease with themselves. They had more ease and fluidity in activities such as playing the violin and walking with just simple, non-interfering, non-manipulative touch. I was immediately intrigued and had to find out more.

At the same time I had pain in my right hip, which I incorrectly assumed was the inevitable result of years of dancing. I was also feeling the stress of a busy job with general physical tension along with heart palpitations.

All of this changed with Alexander Technique lessons. The pain in my hip eased, the heart palpitations vanished and I felt generally more confident and at ease with myself.

I completed my training as an Alexander Technique teacher in 2005, qualifying from the Bristol Alexander Technique Training School Association (BATTSA). I trained with the late Ali Burrows.

I teach both group courses and individual lessons. I have taught at the City of Bristol College Dance Department, University of Bristol Medical Students and Lloyds Banking Group.

I have two young children and love dancing, running, walking, cycling and yoga. 

I am a member of the Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique (STAT), and adhere to the Society's Code of Professional Conduct. I am covered by professional indemnity insurance.

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