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Who can the Alexander Technique help?

Everyone can benefit from the Alexander Technique.

Better health

You may be experiencing problems such as back ache, joint pain, breathing difficulties, stress or RSI. You may simply want to prevent deterioration in health or improve posture. Many health issues can be helped with The Technique. Contact me to discuss your individual needs.

Improve your performance

The Alexander Technique is an invaluable skill to improve your performance, either in sports or in the arts. Performance anxiety, confidence, presence and stamina can all be improved with the help of The Alexander Technique.

Develop yourself

If there is something in life that you want to change, the Alexander Technique is a wonderful tool.

It will help you to know yourself better, enabling you to become more sensitive to your needs and life ambitions. Become more of who you are.

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The Alexander Technique makes a real difference to my often tense and busy life. Its thoughtful approach has made me calmer, improved my concentration and given me a clearer sense of my own well being. I am grateful for it.
— Joan Bakewell, TV presenter and journalist