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Running and The Alexander Technique

Running is an amazing activity that we can do whenever we like and for as long as we like. From 10 min around the block to a 4+hour mountain marathon. So often though we are limited by how we run, causing us injury and preventing us from finding the fun and freedom in running. 

The Art of Running is based on The Alexander Technique which has over 120 years of history and proven results in reeducating people in how to use themselves efficiently in any activity. Taken into running this technique can improve your posture, coordination and efficiency so you can find more enjoyment and skill in your running. 


"The Art of Running is to be found in the process - in the act itself. The beauty of this art is that it can be recreated in every step. The past doesn't matter, its the next step that counts.... " - Malcolm Balk, Founder of The Art of Running

3 one hour, one to one sessions for just £99

(Individual lessons can be booked at £45hour)

Session 1: Video analysis - After a short warm up I will film you running. We will review the footage to identify areas you can improve and look at your posture in everyday activities.

Session 2: The Change - We will work together on your run, using new ideas to improve on what we saw in the video analysis to find greater efficiency and coordination.

Session 3: Consolidation - Having integrated the skills you have learnt, we will go for a gentle run together. We will address areas needing additional input and add ideas to continue your improvement.

Each session will be roughly one hour long and can be arranged in a place suitable for you.


Running Well Courses

Explore running in a new way to help your running become more skilful, mindful, athletic and fun.

Designed for recreational runners beginners or improvers.

Learn to take the brakes off, prevent injury and run well.


Contact me to be book.

Maximum 10 people so book early to guarentee your space.

"I really enjoyed the sessions and found Claire a very calm, gentle teacher/coach. Felt I could ask anything and say if I didn’t understand something or if something wasn’t working." - E.K

"I would really recommend Claire’s running well course. Claire has a lovely, calm way of breaking down all the different elements of running and clearly showing how to improve them. I have been running for 25 years and thought there was little prospect of improving my time, given my advanced years. But after 4 weeks with Claire I now feel more comfortable running and can also run faster. Claire also showed us how to stretch properly and most importantly relax at the end of a run. And Claire’s delicious home-made cake at the end of each class is a definite bonus." - William