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RED January - Day 10&11 - Can't Be Bothered


RED January - Day 10&11 - Can't Be Bothered

Claire Coveney

Actually not can't be bothered to run more can't be bothered to write about it.

In fact the running seems fairly easy, even if I sometimes need persuading! However the writing often can take me longer than the run. It's also in the past so I am writing about something that has happened, time has moved on and I somehow cant be bothered to think about what has happened back then.

My son does this if I ask him about his day at school. His usual response to what he did will be "Stuff!". He doesn't see the point in talking about it, a lot of stuff happened and he's moved on.

But there's something useful in the process of recalling what has happened which allows me to remember it more clearly and can also help unravel some of what has happened, but like with asking my son about his school day I need to be more specific. "What was for lunch today?", "What made you laugh?". With running, "What was happening with my arms?", "What was I thinking as I ran?". And in the process of doing this I remember it more for next time so I can learn from my experiences.