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The Gym – Getting exercise and insight at the same time.

Claire Coveney

I have recently joined a gym. I used to think I didn’t really like going to a gym and it’s true I would rather be at a dance class but that’s not always possible and I enjoy getting some exercise. Well now I really enjoy it, I am getting exercise and learning a lot at the same time. 

Today I was using the chest press. I had this funny little twinge in my left elbow. Not a familiar twinge and nothing so uncomfortable that I thought I should stop, so I continued but came back to allowing my neck to be free so that my head could move gently upwards and allowed my jaw to release... and the twinge stopped… as if by magic.

So how come?

Well everything is so interconnected.  What I am doing with the coordination of my head and neck is so inextricably linked to my whole way of using myself. So of course that little bit of extra effort I used in my neck and jaw to lift the weight caused something to twinge in my elbow.

Lucky I have the amazing knowledge of The Alexander Technique.