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RED January - Day 1 - New Years Day


RED January - Day 1 - New Years Day

Claire Coveney

My first run of Run Every Day January.

I like running but I don't usually go out every day and particularly in the winter months I can make excuses for myself, it's too cold, I'm a bit tired, maybe I'm getting a cold?.. It seems so much easier to curl up and hibernate.

Yet I know that moving is an amazing thing, particularly if its outdoors and even more so if it is done in a mindful way. I know that if I get out there I will feel so much better for it. The ultimate demonstration of mind body connection. But like most of us I might sometimes need a little persuasion. So that is why I signed up for RED January as a little challenge for myself. To write about my running as part of the process seems a useful way to share how I use the skills that I have learnt through applying The Alexander Technique to my running. Maybe you will find them useful too.

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So Day 1 after a late night, not enough sleep and an extra glass of something fizzy I went out. Would I have usually? Maybe yes, maybe no! Do I feel better for it? Absolutely. I hope that other Redders will feel better too.