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RED January - Day 2 - Enjoying Short and Slow


RED January - Day 2 - Enjoying Short and Slow

Claire Coveney

Today was always going to be a short slow run. With no childcare I took my daughter with me on her bike and ran alongside. So short slow and with lots of stops.

I think it’s great to practice running at different speeds. I find running slower than my habitual speed really means I can focus on my form. Running faster than my usual speed challenges me to find ease in the speed. I would encourage you to try both.

Today on my slow run I was able to really recognise my pattern to let my pelvis twist as I land on my left leg. A pattern I have been aware of for some time but somehow became clearer when I slowed down. And as I was going slower it seemed easier to let the necessary changes happen through my whole body so that this happened less. 

As its still a strong habitual pattern in me I wasn't able to change it every time. My old twisted pattern still crept in, but a small step in a different direction. Of course I might find that I need to change direction many times and this may not be the "right" direction but the discovery is what keeps running interesting and alive for me.