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Filtering by Tag: #running

RED January - Day 22 - Nearly there

Claire Coveney

January is seeming sooo....looooonng...

Another run.

Today a very short run as my son is off school sick so my plans have had to change. And I'm so pleased it was only a short run as my legs feel heavy and tired.

Some days are like this. Not every run is fantastic and sometimes it's not enjoyable.

Accepting this and still running is what is great.


And to keep me going for the last few days here is a link to my Just Giving page if you want to sponsor me.

RED January - Day 21 - Euwch!!

Claire Coveney

So I've missed a few days of blogs but I've still been out there running every day (or swapping for a HIIT session for the odd day). But here is today's!


When the view from your window looks like this and you know that its also going to be cold!

Not appealing is it!!

The first 5 mins the wet rain soaks through my leggings. I feel cold, rain in my face, but I'm out.

Then as my body warms up the rain doesn't feel so cold its just there and I begin to enjoy this feeling. I hit a puddle and feel the wet coming through my shoes. My first reaction is "euwch!" but I stop and become interested in this sensation on my feet. It's wet, cool, my socks feel soggy but it's actually not unpleasant at all.

In fact I begin to feel like a toddler jumping in the puddles. No fear of getting wet and cold as he hasn't experienced that before, he is just interested in the new sensations. The sound of the splashing of the water, the feeling of the water through clothing and shoes, the change in temperature on his skin, the way the water moves as he jumps. It's a new experience something exciting to explore. 

As adults we spend so much time avoiding getting wet as we have learnt that getting wet can be unpleasant. Sitting in damp clothing, feeling cold, drips of cold water down the back of the neck! Definitely "euwch!". But if we can experience it like a toddler how would that be?

For me invigorating and refreshing. But then I make sure I can jump straight in a hot shower when I return.



RED January - Day 13 - A change of scene

Claire Coveney

It was a long day of tax returns today with a promise to myself of a run at the end. When it got to that time however it was dark and I really didn't fancy going out. After running every day for 12 days my body was craving something different. So I listened.

So instead of going out I stayed in and did a HIIT session instead. It felt good to be moving my body in a different way, working muscles that don't get used so much in running and some that do.

I love running but running is generally coordinated through a certain range of movements and I believe it is good to move in different ways. So I enjoyed just that and felt stronger for it.

RED January - Day 12 - I Have Time

Claire Coveney

Now the thing with running every day is fitting it in. There is always plenty of other things to do in a day take the kids to school, work, pick the kids up from school, make dinner, the list could continue.. and fitting in a run takes time.

Todays run was one of those days when there was a lot of other stuff to do. So after dropping the kids to school I set off busily thinking "I don't have time".

The thing is that its not just a thought, my body responds to this thought and in my case (and from experience I know that pretty much everyone else), I respond with unnecessary tension.

Now there is a very simple thing I can do when I notice this thought. I tell myself "I have time". After all in this situation I have chosen to go for a run when I could have simply chosen not to go, so I just as well be doing the thing that I am choosing to do. And this new thought gives me a sense of release and freedom. Allowing me to move more easily and run well. Allowing me to be more present with this thing I have chosen to do right now.

Try it and let me know what you discover.